2018 Fee Schedule

Tuition Fees 2017

$2040 per student per year @ six sessions per week. (3 Full days)
Pre Primary
$3400 per student per year @ ten sessions per week. (5 Full days)
          1st Child                   2nd Child                    3rd Child          
$3400 /year $2550 /year $1700 /year
1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child
$4400 /year $3300 /year $2200 /year

Senior Secondary
$3080 /year (Hybrid Programme)

$4400 /year (Full time school students)

Other charges

$250   Building & Development Levy

$150   Maintenance Levy *


*See Maintenance Levy Options on downloaded Fee Schedule

There are no additional fees for normal class excursions, swimming programs or class development and educational camps.  However, booklists and personal stationery requirements are not calculated and should be purchased separately.

Non Australian or Temporary Residents

If a student is not an Australian citizen or does not hold an approved Temporary Resident Visa tuition fees may be significantly higher.   Please contact the school office for clarification if this may apply to you.

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