Mrs Julie-Anne Carter, Year 7 Teacher


 Day One:

The first day of camp was both exciting and nerve racking. We put our bags at the back of the bus, loaded ourselves onto the bus and finally, we were off. We were all ready for the fun and adventure of camp. Camp Mornington was fantastic!

Year 7 Camp 

Girls screamed and ran with their bags into the dorm, to try and get the best bed first! It was hilarious! We had our first activity in the afternoon. We were put in groups and went to low ropes, raft building, abseiling or archery. It was really hot and we were really glad that we got to go for a swim at the end of the day. In the evening, we went to the gymnasium. We played games and it was great to finish the day with basketball, paper hockey and devotions.

Year 7 Camp           

Day Two:

We woke up to a very cold, fresh, freezing morning. It was not pretty. Both the girls and boys were dressed up in warm and fuzzy clothes and tried to eat their breakfast quickly for Mr Meyer. We went to our second activity after breakfast. At lunch time all we wanted to do was to talk about our activities.  In the evening we watched the movie, Oddball, listened to stories and enjoyed milo and biscuits.






Day Three:

Food at camp was awesome. It was also the cook’s birthday, so it was an extra special meal. We completed our last round of activities; no one managed to hurt themselves (which all the teachers were grateful for). With lunch finished, we then had to pack for home. Camp was over. Waiting for the bus to come to take us home was sad and good. We were glad to be going home, but sorry that our Mornington experience was over.

 Year 7 Camp


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