School Assemblies

  • 24.03.17
    The Middle School Assembly was run by Mrs Jolly's Year 5 class. They acted out the miracle of Jesus feeding 5000 people on 5 loaves and 2 fish. You can read about it in John 6:1-14 and also in Matthew 14:13-21. read more
  • 17.03.17
    Welcome to the Junior Assembly led by Mrs Dohse's Year 2 class. read more
  • 24.02.17
    Welcome to the first of our Middle School Assemblies for 2017. read more
  • 24.02.17
    Welcome to 2017 and our first Junior School Assembly! read more
  • 12.08.16
    Miss Frontino's Year 3s were a sea of bright colours as they sang 'Captured' by The Digital Age to an audience of students, family and friends. read more
  • 05.08.16
    Mrs Holman spoke to the Junior Primary students about 'stinking thinking' and making good choices about how we think. read more
Recent News
  • Schoolyard Blitz
    It was that time again when Schoolyard Blitz hit our school grounds and buildings!
    Read more
  • Stirling Ranges Hike
    The Year 11 boys headed off to the Stirling Ranges National Park for five days on their annual camp.
    Read more
  • Colour Conference
    Recently the Year 11 girls were taken on a trip to Sydney with Mrs Hackney, Mrs Chatman and Mrs Flynn to attend the Hillsong Colour Conference.
    Read more
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