Junior School Assembly

Sharyn Harris, Community Relations Manager

Welcome back everyone to Term 3, 2017!

Junior Assembly

Miss Kleyn's Year One class led the assembly with a great dance item followed by 'filling the bucket' with good, positive, kind, helpful and nice comments that we should say to one another not mean and unkind ones.

Junior Assembly

This worked in beautifully with Head of Junior School, Mrs Donna Holman, talking about what it is to be happy, using the story of her new puppy Charlie to help explain what makes others happy... kind words... nice compliments... being a good friend.

Congratulations to the following students who received certificates for a variety of  reasons, such as improved listening, neat handwriting and following instructions.

Year 1 - Miss Kleyn

Junior Assembly

Natanja Smit, Immanuel Rewai, Ben Davey, Indy Dyson

Year 1  Miss Chitty

Junior Assembly

Mitchell McQuade, Oliver Williams, Aelita Skeers, Ethan Miles

Year 2 - Mrs Dohse

Junior Assembly

Cheyenne Woods, Tyler Stone, Blair Driscoll, Bryce Teune

Year 2 - Mrs Guise & Mrs Stevens

Junior Assembly

Ryan Denison, Grace Hunt, Cianne Powell, Chloe Potter, Allan Mutai

Aussie of the Month

Junior Assembly

Walter van der Walt, Claire Ramsey, Elijah Reddy, Niya Koshy

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