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Grace Christian School is a Christian learning community in which the church, parents and teachers share in the task of assisting students grow up in Jesus Christ in all areas of life. Christian schooling is based on a Biblical understanding that God is our Creator and our Saviour. He calls us to turn away from a self-centred way of life to live as God’s people for His praise and glory, fulfilling the purposes for which he created us.

Grace Christian School aims to focus the life and program of the school on Jesus Christ, accept His Lordship over all areas of live, and seek to integrate the truth revealed in the Bible in all that we teach. We specifically reject as unbiblical the division of life into the sacred and secular areas, and assert that an education not centred on Jesus Christ, or one that excludes the Bible, is a distorted education.

The Bible is the revelation of God and, therefore, the foundation of all truth and thus all education. God reveals His truth through the Holy Spirit, but God have given people the ability to discover truth about the world He has made through investigation, observation, analysis and reason. Christian faith permeates all areas of life and every activity has a spiritual significance whether this is recognised or not.

The Bible teaches that the “fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge”. Information and skills are not taught in a ‘values vacuum’; all teachers bring their own worldview, beliefs and values in the classroom. It is thus critical for Grace Christian School to have teachers with faith in Jesus Christ, who accept the Bible as God’s authoritative Word, who have a Biblical Christian worldview and who practise a Christian lifestyle which matches the beliefs and values of the school.

Employment at Grace Christian School is seen as a holy calling of God and a ministry to the children who form part of the learning community. Staff are called to model the love and unity that Jesus expected of His disciples. Beliefs and values are learnt through relationships, by modelling and example. Teachers are called to be servant-leaders of the children they teach, and to have a pastoral concern for them. This same servant-leadership is to be displayed by those who are appointed to a leadership position among the staff.

Grace Christian School is registered by the Western Australian Department of Education and offers courses from Kindergarten to Year 12 leading to the award of the WA Certificate of Education and nationally accredited awards at Certificate or Diploma level.

Grace Christian School is affiliated with Christian Schools Australia (CSA) and the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia (AISWA).

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