Pastoral Care

Two influential groups work to maintain a caring and supportive learning environment: our parents, who provide a stable support base; and our dedicated and highly trained Christian staff who encourage students on to educational excellence.

As part of our network of support, Chaplaincy plays a strong and proactive role at Grace, with discipleship, prayer, missions, leadership and performing arts being vital to the chaplain’s role.

Grace Christian Church offers out of school youth programs for young people aged from Years 7 to 12. Follow the link to find out more about SixOhYouth.

Recent News
  • Schoolyard Blitz
    It was that time again when Schoolyard Blitz hit our school grounds and buildings!
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  • Colour Conference
    Recently the Year 11 girls were taken on a trip to Sydney with Mrs Hackney, Mrs Chatman and Mrs Flynn to attend the Hillsong Colour Conference.
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  • Stirling Ranges Hike
    The Year 11 boys headed off to the Stirling Ranges National Park for five days on their annual camp.
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Sorry, there are no events scheduled for the coming week.
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