Learning Areas

At Grace Christian School, we cover the 8 mandatory Learning Areas as described by the Curriculum Framework in Western Australia.  We also have a 9th Learning Area; Bible & Christian Living.

From a Biblical perspective, no true learning can come about without an understanding of the Creator.  The curriculum at Grace Learning Areasendeavours to acknowledge God in all Learning Areas; whether in Art with our creativity, in English with our language skills, in Mathematics with our understanding of laws, or in Bible with our recognition of Jesus the Saviour.

This style of education is an holistic approach which logically deals with the world in which we live, and our role as people created in God's image.  It enables a fully integrated learning program across the school and supports parents in the home and at church.

Looking toward the future, work is already underway by our hard working staff to implement the National Curriculum with a phased in approach over the next few years.  Whatever the trends in Education, the School is committed to academic excellence within a Christian worldview.

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