National Chaplaincy & Student Welfare Program (NCSWP)

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care of students at Grace Christian School is an integral part of the ‘Whole person education’ offered.  The care is based on a deep respect and love for the dignity and uniqueness of each individual child, created in the image of God; wonderfully and uniquely designed to fulfil their God given potential.

We believe by providing a nurturing environment, a sense of belonging, security and wellbeing is created allowing students to grow in their dignity, worth and ability to achieve their potential.


Chaplaincy is an integral part of our Pastoral Care.  The Chaplains along with the School Principal, the three Heads of School, Student Services Offices and Principal’s PA meet weekly to discuss pastoral care matters and strategically set direction to address issues relevant to year groups and society.

Chaplaincy at Grace Christian SchoolChaplain - Akita Olsen

Chaplaincy is an integral part of the pastoral care of our school.  Key objectives of the chaplaincy;

  • provide Christian pastoral care to students and assist staff in the delivery of student welfare services
  • provide support in the general activities of the school such as camps, excursions and assemblies
  • act as advisors, mentors and role models to the students
  • facilitate access to external agencies, as necessary to provide appropriate care and assistance to students
  • operate as a liaison between School and local churches on chaplaincy related matters
  • encourage students in their spiritual journey and involvement in local churches and service agencies
  • provide pastoral care to staff and parents where and when appropriate

Need to see the Chaplain? 

Appointments to see our Chaplains are co-ordinated through Student Services.  Parent and students are requested to see the Schools Student Services Officer to make an appointment.

Do you have a concern?

Any concerns raised due to the service of the Chaplain can be directed to the Principal.  This can be carried out through the Principal’s Assistant.Chaplain - Peter Cohen


School Chaplains at Grace Christian School are partly funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Programme. 

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