Junior School (K-Yr 2)

Junior School - Kindergarten to Year 2

The early years of schooling are an exciting and rewarding time for students, parents and teachers. Grace Christian School seeks to foster strong links between home and school, and we welcome parent involvement.

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Grace is committed to giving each child the opportunity for personal development and academic success.

Research clearly shows the early years of a child's life are critical in the development of brain and emotional function, which impact the child's success in life through to adulthood. Children who receive quality training and education in a secure and loving environment have a significant advantage.

We believe children need to understand who they are, and see the world around them through the framework of the truth of the Bible and the knowledge of a God who loves them. In this context teaching and learning become truly effective.

Junior SchoolCaring Christian teachers guide the boys and girls in interacting positively and respectfully with their peers and adults. Settled in this nurturing environment, children feel safe and are therefore receptive to the exciting opportunities presented to them.

Christian principles are at the heart of our programme, and permeate all we do. Bible stories, songs and activities teach students about the love of God and their place in His world.

Through play and hands-on activities, students grasp the foundational concepts on which literacy and numeracy are based.

These vital skills are developed daily and student progress is carefully monitored. Those needing help are encouraged by specialist staff in our Learning Support Unit.

In classThe Junior School aims to develop the social, spiritual and academic potential of each child, allowing God-given talents to emerge and grow.

The early years provide the best environment for these important aspects to be established in a child's life, and can set them up for a fulfilling future. We believe there is no more important phase in your child’s education.

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