Senior School (Yrs 8-12)

Senior School (Years 8 – 12)

Senior School presents with many opportunities, challenges and new experiences.  We seek to provide a safe, nurturing and structured envirIn Classonment, which allows each student to develop academically, socially and in relationship with their Creator.

Year level camps, scheduled at various times throughout the year, provide opportunities for new students to forge relationships with staff and their peers, developing a sense of acceptance and belonging.

Academic excellence is a key objective at Grace Christian School, where we provide a high quality education in all subjects offered, and broaden student’s knowledge through nine learning areas. 

A Christian worldview drives the ethos of the school, underpins the content and purpose of learning, and defines all relationships within the school community.

Year 8 to 10

Students in Years 8 to 10 receive instruction in all nine learning areas: Mathematics; English; Science; Society & Environment; Physical Education & Health; Technology & Enterprise; The Arts; Languages (Indonesian); and Bible & Christian Living.

Whilst most subjects are compulsory, subjects within the learning areas of the Arts; Technology & Enterprise; Languages and Physical Education offer a variety of choices to suit individual needs and talents.  Examples of electives include: Clothing & Fabrics; Food & Nutrition; Wood Design & Fabrication; Music; Drama; Metal Design & Fabrication; Computing Extension; Art Extension and Physical Recreation.

Year 11 and 12

The upper school curriculum is controlled by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) and is designed to cater to the needs of continuing adult education and employment in today’s society, whilst remaining true to our Christian values and beliefs.

Our hope and prayer for our students is that they will reflect the character and values of Christ, graduating with the capacity to be “salt and light”, and making a positive difference in the community and in the lives of those who surround them.

In addition, the senior programme aims to assist students complete Year 12 and graduate with the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

Our upper school students participate in one of two main programmes:

computer lab

  • The full-time WACE programme   or
  • WACE hybrid programme



Full-time WACE programme

Grace Christian School has the resources and expertise to offer students a well-balanced education with positive outcomes, whether they intend completing further study at SWIT or University, or entering directly into the work force.

With low teacher to student ratios and excellent facilities, we offer most students a pathway to their chosen career through a growing number of courses, including: English, Mathematics, Mathematics Specialist, Human Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Education Studies, Modern History, Geography and Applied Information Technology.

Grace full-time students also have the opportunity to complete the following certificates:

  • Certificate IV in Christian Ministry & Theology,
  • Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation,
  • Certificate III in Music

The Cert IV in Christian Ministry & Theology is organised through Southland Training. This qualification provides senior and mature aged students with a solid foundation in Biblical knowledge and ministry.

WACE Hybrid programme

Grace Christian School is unique in that we offer Year 11 & 12 students the distinct advantage of achieving a Western Australian Certificate of Education, in addition to the opportunity of acquiring AQF recognised qualifications from Certificate level to Diplomas.

Students participating in this programme divide their time between attending school and other Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) such as South West Institute of Technology (SWIT) or Group Training South West (GTSW).

The school component comprises Bible & Christian Living, Mathematics, English, Career & Enterprise, and Work Place Learning, as well as the option of Certificate IV in Christian Ministry & Theology, Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation, or Certificate III in Music 

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