Uniform Policy

All students from Kindy to Year 12 are required to wear the school uniform and observe high standards of personal grooming in accordance with the uniform and dress standards approved by the School Board.  Our uniform gives us a public identity, sense of belonging for our students and cost benefit for our parents.  It removes the perceived status differences that might otherwise be evident in free dress and is an important factor in the concept of genuine modesty.  The School uniform is only available from the Uniform Shop.  EFTPOS and Layby facilities are available.

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours

Monday: 8.15am - 9.00am

Wednesday: 3.00pm - 3.45pm

Friday: 8.15am - 9.00am

Uniform Price List

 Uniform Comments & Suggestions

If you would like to make comments or have suggestions regarding the school uniform, please fill out a form by clicking HERE.

Parent responses and comments are reviewed each term by a committee of senior staff, including Heads of School.  This feedback helps to shape future decisions regarding the uniform, and your input is appreciated.




PrePrimary Girls

 PrePrimary Girls Winter Uniform

PrePrimary Girls Summer Uniform 

PrePrimary Boys

 PrePrimary Boys Winter Uniform

PrePrimary Boys Summer Uniform 

Junior & Middle Girls

 Junior & Middle Girls Winter Uniform

Junior & Middle Girls Summer Uniform 

Junior & Middle Boys

 Junior & Middle Boys Winter Uniform

Junior & Middle Boys Summer Uniform 

Senior Girls

 Senior Girls Winter Uniform

Senior Girls Summer Uniform 

Senior Boys

 Senior Boys Winter Uniform

Senior Boys Summer Uniform 

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