LEARNING - Senior School


Our Grace Careers website is the place to visit to start your career journey and find all the information you need in one place. 

The website allows you to:

  • Sign up for the events calendar and monthly careers newsletter.
  • You can understand your options after school at TAFE, university, in the workforce or abroad.
  • See how we're ensuring students transition successfully to work, with meaningful work experience. 
  • Parents: get help giving your teen direction.
  • Get help with study tips and past exams.
  • Learn about different career options.
  • Create your own student profile in the ssecure student area.

Students in Year 9 - 12 at Grace Christian School are already accessing this website, where they can:

  • Complete career quizzes on their personality, interests, skills and workplace values.
  • Create and update an Individual Pathway Plan (IPP) helping them know what they have achieved in the past, what they would like to achieve in the future and what they need to do in the present to get them there.
  • investigate chosen careers of interest in a structured way.
  • create and update a professional resume.
  • write cover letters.
  • keep an up to date e-portfolio of their achievements in school and the community.
  • practice job applications.

All student content is visible to the school Careers Adviser and Head of Senior Secondary. This is so they can monitor student goals, assist in mapping of student futures and provide communication about activities, events, courses and scholarships that will cater to a student's unique career direction. 


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