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INSIGHT Parent Conference

Saturday, March 17, 2018

8.30am - 3.30pm 

Are you looking to help your children succeed in the future? Live a life with purpose and direction? Invest into their development and learning? Walk them through hopes and dreams?

The morning sessions include international keynote speaker Dr Greg Gerber, Director of Learning at the Society of Christian Schools in British Columbia, Canada and internationally renowned theologian, author and pastor, Dr Brian Harris speaking on the worth and perspective of Christian education and how it is formative, transformative and value-laden in ors, our children's lives, community and society.

They will both help us see the "bigger picture".

Greg is an experienced instructor and public speaker with a track record of working to transform educational practice and promote the integrations of biblical worldview within learning.

He is a passionate educator who is deeply engaged in the practice and scholarship of teaching and learning, all of which is complemented and informed by many years of service as a youth pastor.

Greg is married to Laura and they have 4 boys, Ryan (17), Austin (15), Reece (14) and Luke (11). They are heavily involved with sports and music and attend Surrey Christian School.

Greg is an avid outdoorsman and skipper of sailing vessels. In his early 20’s he served as skipper on the “Sea Fiesta”, a 65’ ketch. Every two years or so he charters various sailboats and takes his family throughout the coastal waters of British Columbia into what they refer to as “God’s Disneyland”.










Brian is part of the Carey group which is a church, school and community centre planting movement based in Perth, Australia, where he also chairs the board.

He is a highly regarded and in demand as a speaker, teacher and writer, Brian presents at conferences, theological colleges and churches around Australia and internationally. Books written by Brian include When Faith Turns Ugly, The Big Picture and The Tortoise Usually Wins.

Brian is married to Rosemary and they have three adult children.


A choice of 18 Workshop sessions in the afternoon will include information and pracitcal tips that will assist parents with raising godly children, answering tough teenage questions, develping self-regulation, encouraging healthy eating, improving critical thinking skills, story reading, communicating with teenagers, growing youth to maturity and much more assistance with the journey of parenthood.

The day will conclude with a family Bush Dance featuring the Mucky Duck Bush Band, from 5pm - 8pm.

Bring your picnic blankets, snacks and dress to the theme to have an enjoyable evening with our school community.

A sausage sizzle and drink will also be provided as part of the conference package. The Hello Summer, Kuza Coffee and Go Nuts 4 Donuts vans will also be there with items available for purchase.

We look forward to everyone being part of this inaugural conference!


WORKSHOPS listed below can now be selected on the attached Registration Form:

Keynotes exploded, expanded & explored - Dr Greg Gerber

The Big Picture - "Building Blocks of a Christian Worldview" - Dr Brian Harris

Is this really true Mum? - Noel Barnes

Growing Youth to Maturity - Pastor Dale Hewitt

Self-regulation in a nutshell! - Esme Le Roux & Handa Strydom

No problems with your teenager, avoid this session - Akita Princi, Gary & Rhonda Lindberg & Andrew Woods

Is that a dinosaur in your back yard? - Kerry Forsyth

Literacy... A head start - Karen Gracey

Getting your kids attention without a stun gun - Raelene Cargill

The importance of meal time - Narelle Simm

Making Bible stories come alive - Jenny Thompson

Raising Godly children in a secular world - Joss Barnes & Rhonda Lindberg

Consequences... "Huh who me... no it was him who done it" - Hugo de Ridder

Is my kid normal? - Akita Princi

A dummies guide to being a half reasonable Dad - Tim Caughey

Hands on Bible story telling - Megan Reynolds

No you can't have Tim Tams for lunch! - Judy de Ridder & Leanne Farleigh

Strong customer relations in small business - Tim Caughey


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